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  1. Posted: May 18, 2022
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    While your company’s level of risk is a factor that affects the premium you pay for automobile insurance, that amount is also affected by factors that you cannot directly control.

  2. Benefits of Bundling Commercial Policies
    Posted: May 18, 2022
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    This Coverage Insights article describes the benefits of bundling commercial insurance policies.

  3. Driving Personal Cars for Business Use – A Good Idea?
    Posted: May 18, 2022
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    When employees will be driving their own cars for work, there are several actions that you can take as an employer to mitigate risk.

  4. Umbrella Insurance for Your Business and Peace of Mind
    Posted: May 18, 2022
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    To assist with the financial burden of a claim, many business owners are electing to purchase commercial umbrella insurance on top of their standard commercial general liability (CGL) Insurance policies. An aggregate limit is established on most CGL policies that, once exhausted, will not cover any other excess claims.

  5. Managing Road Rage
    Posted: May 18, 2022
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    Road rage—aggressive or angry behavior exhibited by motorists—is prevalent on U.S. roadways.

  6. Respiratory Protection
    Posted: May 9, 2022
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    Everyone should be familiar with the basic issues regarding respiratory protection. 

  7. The Importance of Hand Washing
    Posted: April 29, 2022
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    There are many reasons to wash your hands at work. We may think of washing our hands when they are dirty or after we have used the restroom, but we also need to wash our hands at work before breaks, lunch and at the end of the shift.

  8. Identifying and avoiding phone scams
    Posted: April 27, 2022
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    The chances are likely that you have or will be on the receiving end of a phone scam. Technology has made this even easier as scammers leverage robocalls or spoofing tools to change phone numbers. This article highlights the warning signs of scams and tips on protecting yourself from phone scams.

  9. Local Insurance Agency Receives Award
    Posted: April 13, 2022
    In: Blog and Community

    American Trust Insurance was the top new business producing agency for North Star Mutual in 2021; beating over 2,000 agencies across eight states for the top spot. The agency is one of just two agencies from South Dakota who received a Top 25 Award from North Star Mutual. American Trust Insurance also earned a Star Award for reaching a new threshold of premium growth.

  10. Northville Community Association Hosts Casino Night
    Posted: April 11, 2022
    In: Community

    It was our honor to provide some fun baskets for the Northville Community Association’s casino night April 9, 2022.