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American Trust Insurance Makes Donation to Jan Manolis Family Safe Center and Huron Hospice

(SSD, December 18, 2019) American Trust Insurance (ATI) announced that the company will celebrate the holiday season by launching an “All Together In-giving” campaign on December 16. This pay it forward campaign will give $100 to each ATI employee to present to one person, a family, group or cause in need this holiday season. The mission of the “All Together In-giving” campaign is to spread kindness, support families, strengthen the communities and share with individuals and families in need in the ten communities in which ATI serves.

Jan Manolis Safe Center. Back (l-r): Gary Rogers, Rick Long, David Burnison, Jessica Hotchkiss, Brenda Arteman, Jennifer Sabalier, Renea Katz, Martha Diaz; Front: Lisa Atherton, Jan Manolis, Molly Shelton, Kristen Williams; Not Pictured: Rachel Peskey, Amber Parmely, Betsy Clemente, Beth Wahl

“We are incredibly grateful to our employees and our communities and want to give back in a significant, intentional way,” said Preston Steele, Owner and CEO of American Trust Insurance. “We feel that we can truly make a difference this holiday season by inspiring our ATI team to individually determine the beneficiary of his/her “All Together In-giving” and present their choice with a monetary donation.”

Team members of the Huron and Wolsey ATI locations decided to pool their money to make an even larger impact to the Huron and surrounding communities. On December 18, presentations were made on behalf of (14) fourteen of the Huron ATI team members to Jan Manolis, Director of the Jan Manolis Family Safe Center and Molly Shelton, Assistant Director of the Jan Manolis Family Safe Center and Shawn Martin, Executive Director of the HRMC Foundation on behalf of Huron Hospice, with three hospice nurses, Kathi Roti, RN, Melissa Heinen, RN and Sheri Beckwith, RN.

Upon the presentation of the $700 All Together In-giving donation, Martin expressed his gratitude on behalf of Huron Hospice.

“We appreciate the generosity of American Trust Insurance and its’ employees. HRMC Community Hospice helps families dealing with the loss of a loved one and allows more patients facing a life-limiting illness to spend quality time at home. These funds will help hospice continue this vital work,” said Shawn Martin, Executive Director, HRMC Foundation.

ATI employees chose the two beneficiaries of their “All Together In-giving” funds as many of the team members are passionate about the services they provide to those in need in the Huron and surrounding communities or have personal experience with the care these organizations provide.

Manolis and Shelton accepted the $700 “All Together In-giving” on behalf of the Jan Manolis Family Safe Center and emphasized the importance of having a safe haven for families this holiday season, into the New Year and beyond.

“The holiday season is a tough time for many families and this generosity will help many have a happier holiday season and start the New Year in 2020. This is appreciated by many,” said Jan Manolis, Director, Jan Manolis Family Safe Center.

As an organization deeply rooted in their relationships with local customers and businesses, it was decided to reallocate such funds to a more decisive effort to give back and make an intentional impact locally rather than with formal internal holiday festivities.

“We truly didn’t realize the meaningful reach that this effort would have and the difference it would make both to our employees and the recipients,” said Steele. “The passion and generous spirit of our team deeply aligns with our values as an organization and it has been humbling to be part of the significant ripple effect that pay it forward campaigns produce.”

With 40 employees, over $5,325 plus several matching donations will be presented from December 16-December 23 to a very broad scope of recipients.

“The organizations we have touched and the impact that we have made as a team is really meaningful and impactful to us,” said Jessica Hotchkiss, Account Executive, ATI. “The holiday season is about giving and bringing joy to people in need and I hope we have done this for all of our ATI communities.”

American Trust Insurance is locally owned with locations in Watertown, Huron, Pierre, Sioux Falls, Alpena, Wessington Springs, Wolsey, Mellette, De Smet and Miller offering all lines of insurance coverage.

Visit American Trust Insurance’s website at www.americantrustins.net to contact your local agency.

Hospice. Back (l-r): Rick Long, Gary Rogers, Jessica Hotchkiss, Shawn Martin, Jennifer Sabalier, Kristen Williams, Renea Katz, Martha Diaz, Lisa Atherton; Front (l-r): David Burnison, Sheri Beckwith, Kathi Roti, Melissa Heinin, Brenda Arteman; Not pictured: Rachel Peskey, Amber Parmely, Betsy Clemente, Beth Wahl