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Avoiding Dehydration at Work

As summer temperatures rise, your body’s water and electrolyte balances can get thrown off by dehydration while you work. This condition occurs when the body uses or loses more fluids than it takes in.

Dehydration is a serious complication that can cause fatigue, dizziness and confusion—all of which can compromise your safety on the job. As such, staying hydrated at work is essential. Doing so can improve your mood, boost brain function and prevent the onset of other health concerns.

Follow these tips to stay properly hydrated on the job:

  • Track your consumption. Use a notecard or mobile app to record how much water you drink each day.
  • Sip regularly. Drink water throughout the workday—even when you’re not necessarily thirsty.
  • Make it convenient. Carry a water bottle wherever you go. Carry a larger container if you’re working outside for longer periods of time.
  • Incorporate extra flavoring. Add a slice of lemon, lime or other fruit to your water. Or, buy pre-flavored water packed with electrolytes to replenish the ones you lose.
  • Eat high-water-content foods. Supplement your water intake by consuming high-water-content foods like celery, tomatoes and melons.
  • Be careful in the heat. If warm conditions increase your need for water, make sure you have an ample supply, take breaks and get out of the heat if you feel weak, confused or have a dry mouth. These symptoms could indicate a heat-related illness.

Just because you’re done with work for the day doesn’t mean you should stop drinking water. Continue to hydrate even after your shift ends. After all, chronic dehydration can increase the risk of kidney stones and other health issues.

Between regulating your body temperature, lubricating joints, preventing infections, delivering nutrients to cells and keeping your organs functioning properly, drinking water is a good habit to uphold—especially at work. For more tips on staying hydrated, consult your supervisor.