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Huron ATI Team presents All Together In-Giving Donations to Six Local Organizations

(HURON, SD, December 28, 2020) American Trust Insurance (ATI) announced that the company will celebrate the holiday season by launching an “All Together In-giving” campaign for the second consecutive year. This pay-it-forward campaign will give $100 to each ATI employee to present to one person, a family, group or cause in need this holiday season. The mission of the “All Together In-giving” campaign is to spread kindness, support families, strengthen the communities and share with individuals and families in need in the communities in which ATI serves.

“We are incredibly grateful to our employees and our communities and want to give back in a significant, intentional way,” said Preston Steele, Owner/President of American Trust Insurance. “We feel that we can truly make a difference this holiday season by inspiring our ATI team to individually determine the beneficiary of his/her “All Together In-giving” dollars and present their choice with a monetary donation.”

Team members at American Trust Insurance, located at 1820 Dakota Avenue South, Huron, presented their “All Together In-giving” funds to several organizations and projects in the Huron and Wolsey communities including:

  • Operation Toys
  • Santa for A Senior-Ride tokens in conjunction with People’s Transit
  • Jan Manolis Family Safe Center
  • Wolsey-Wessington Snack Program
  • Beadle County Humane Society
  • Slumberland/United Way Beds for Families “Home for the Holidays” Project

As an organization deeply rooted in its’ relationships with local customers and businesses and embodying its core value of ‘commitment to communities’, ATI made decided to make a decisive effort to give back and make an impact locally.

At the local presentations of the “All Together In-giving” funds, sentiments of gratitude were shared with the ATI team.

“We truly appreciate the local support and the assistance in providing seniors with safe transportation,” Said Debbie Smith, Santa for Seniors Task Force.

“This is a special year with everything going on and we are continued to be blessed with the opportunity to provide families the experience of shopping and giving toys and items that they wouldn’t be able to without ‘Operation Toys’, said Angela Waldner, Chairman of Operations Toys.

“This has been a special year as we can’t have fundraisers and it has been tight. But this community makes it all possible,” said Jan Manolis, Executive Director of the Jan Manolis Family Safe Center. “Your giving a is a beautiful thing and it will allow us to expand our program to reach more families and children. Thank you!”

With 41 employees, over $4,100 will be presented from December 14-December 30 to a very broad scope of recipients across South Dakota.

American Trust Insurance is South Dakota owned with locations in Watertown, Huron, Pierre, Sioux Falls, Mellette, De Smet and Miller offering all lines of insurance coverage.

Visit American Trust Insurance’s website at www.ATIINSURE.com or follow ATI on Facebook to follow the All Together In-giving campaign or to learn more about the Agency.


Attached Photos:

Huron ATI Team Includes. All are not pictured in each of these photos but gave their funds to these “All Together In-giving” recipients. The Huron ATI team includes: Account Executive Brenda Arteman, Account Executive Betsy Clemente, Account Executive Rick Long, Account Executive Gary Rogers, Agency Assistant Amy Di Orio, Agency Assistant Cassidy Hedblom, Account Manager Assistant Akina Decker, Account Manager Renea Katz, Account Manager Martha Diaz, Account Executive Jessica Hotchkiss, Account Executive Dustin Mattke, Senior Account Manger Rachel Peskey, Account Manager Jennifer Sabalier, Accounting and Audit Administrator Jina Shillingstad, Director of Compliance and Technology Beth Wahl.

  • People’s Transit Executive Director, Gayle Kludt, with ATI Team. (l-r: Jennifer Sabalier, Akina Decker, Betsy Clemente, Martha Diaz, Cassidy Hedblom, Gayle Kludt, Dustin Mattke, Brenda Arteman.
  • Jan Manolis Family Safe Center: Front: Shelley Noonan, Executive Director Jan Manolis, Back l-r: Jessica Hotchkiss, Amy Di Orio, Dustin Mattke, Akina Decker, Martha Diaz, Betsy Clemente, Renea Katz, Jennifer Sabalier.
  • Operation Toys: Angela Wollman, Operation Toys, Jennifer Sabalier, Cassidy Hedblom, Dustin Mattke, Akina Decker, Betsy Clemente.
  • Wolsey-Wessington Snack Program: Jennifer Sabalier, Jennifer Boomsma-Kelsey, Wolsey-Wessington Superintendent/HS Principal/Athletic Director, Betsy Clemente.
  • Beadle County Humane Society: Director Kim Krueger, Jessica Hotchkiss.
  • Slumberland/United Way Beds for Families “Home for the Holiday’s” Project: Slumberland Owner Rich Bragg, Renea Katz, Akina Decker, Martha Diaz.



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