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Wanted: Affordable, Reliable Medicare Supplement Policy

By: Paul Flanagan, Senior Products Agent in Huron

Everyday I get phone calls from people that are reaching the baby boomer age. Most of the time the caller’s question goes something like this –

“I will be turning 65 (Medicare enrollment age) in just a few short months.   I am thinking about buying a Medicare supplement plan to help pay for medical expenses that Medicare doesn’t cover. Do you have any advice for me?”

I’ve been in the insurance industry for over 55 years. I love to use this broad knowledge base to guide customers to make the best decisions about their healthcare.   I believe that getting a medical supplement policy is a good idea because it will pick up where Medicare leaves off, paying for medical expenses that Medicare doesn’t.

About a year ago I received a call from Tom Hansen, a long-time resident of Huron. He was currently enrolled in a medical supplement plan, but wasn’t happy with the cost or the coverages. As an independent insurance agent, I was able to shop several insurance companies and find him a plan with Medica. This plan is only $129 per month.   As a frequent swimmer, Tom was also pleased that the plan included a membership to the Nordby Center for only $25 a year.

Tom was of course pleased with the price, but also surprised that there was only one underwriting question. He was equally glad that he could purchase the medical supplement policy from a local insurance agent.   Tom feels it’s very important to have someone right here in his hometown that he can call or stop and visit if he comes across any questions.

A few additional benefits that the Medica plan offers is free phone consultation with a registered nurse 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, up to $400 reimbursement for hearing aids, up to $125 reimbursement for glasses, optional dental coverage and access to a large network of doctors and clinics with no referrals.

If you have questions or want further information on a Medicare supplement plan, please call me at American Trust Insurance in Huron at 353-2800.