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What cold temperatures means for your safety

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), there is no exact temperature at which the environment becomes hazardous. Instead, factors such as low temperatures, wind speed and wetness contribute to cold-induced injuries and illness.

Injuries and illness can occur as a result of winter weather. It’s important to learn about the causes, symptoms and safety considerations to take so you are prepared to handle winter’s worst. Please review the two articles below for helpful tips and information.

Safety Matters – Working Safely in Cold Weather

PiS – The Cold Stress Equation-Frostbite

When in a cold environment, your body keeps internal organs warm by increasing blood flow to the core and decreasing blood flow to extremities. As a result, you’re at an elevated risk for frostbite.
Cold-related injuries and illnesses can slowly overcome a person who has been chilled by low temperatures, brisk winds or wet clothing.